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CandleSpit Collective is a young and unwaveringly driven hip-hop crew out of Berkeley, California. The group consists of two “lead” emcees, JB Nimble and Poe (AKA LivIn’ Poetry), and one producer/emcee, Cyberclops, who is solely responsible for the staple “throwback”, or break-beat-meets-saucy-jazz-and-funk-melody style heard throughout their music. Though they came together by way of Berkeley (and really the Bay Area in general) these are no Cali-natives, collectively at least. Don’t let their apparent connectedness and definitive west-coast vibe shape the fashion of your descent into their realm. These young men, despite appearances and stereotypes, are a well-traveled and thoroughly cultured bunch, who has unremittingly taken the steps necessary to make their mark on the industry without the assistance of established labels and reps.

JB and Poe, who met at a digital arts college in 2009, spent a year developing their style together, and since have proven their worth in a competitive market, pushing each other beyond limits they would have had capacity to face individually. Soon thereafter, Poe approached JB with the idea for Ear Peace Records, and the bond was legalized in summer 2010 with the physical founding of the label. In the beginning, when Poe and JB started writing together, Poe had run into another young man he’d met at a different college some years before, that man was Cyberclops. Clops showed up at Poe’s fish counter the next day with 16 beats to lace, and within a week, JB and Poe had written to every single one.

Having done all of this in one year, it seems clear we can expect plenty more from this young and eager crew. They’ve already pressed and begun distributing 5000 shelf-ready copies of their first official release, Twenty10’s, plus they promise the release of two more full records by the end of 2011 (one of which will be without Cyberclops, JB & Poe In: The Park, the other a classic CandleSpit release entitled Verdicts of a Murdered Tree). They’ve begun to make a name for themselves with the help of their manager Alison Ferrell, and with the forming of their record store and art boutique in South Berkeley, you can pretty much expect these guys to be on the scene in the bay for a long time to come! Their recordings and live sets have developed in time, earning praise in blogs and articles for being “conversational”, “naturally entertaining”, “and worth checking for”. But don’t take other people’s word for it…see for yourself!