Have You Heard?!

Hey hip hop enthusiasts… The boys from Candlespit have been busy this summer! While finishing up with their next scheduled release, Verdicts of a Murdered Tree, JB Nimble, Cyberclops and Poe have also been steadily releasing solo albums and various other collaborate projects.

Cyborclops released his first solo project, Cyberclops & Friends, featuring (as suggested by the title) a whole bunch of homies, all of who brought their A game. It is one of the more well puttogether projects this label has had the pleasure of releasing. Clops also did a couple of tours this year, spanning a large portion of the country with Producer and Ear Peace favorite, Ben Durazzo. It’s been said, too, that Cyberclops and fellow label artist KEVORKIAN are back in cahoots, and this time it’s for more than just a feature… So sufficed to say, you probably aren’t ready for all that, now… are you?

JB Nimble, who has also spent long weeks on the road with Durazzo, moved out to Brooklyn to expand his market. As far as I can tell, that gives Ear Peace a bicoastal wingspan. Having just released his collaborate project with Citizen (of The Understudies), Nowstalgia, JB spends his time in BK writing and recording tracks. So much so that he’s gearing up for the release of his second solo album, The Jester’s Dance, and is already working on the next next project. Trust me when I say you are going to want to hear The Jester’s Dance. Produced entirely by Ear Peace artist Browse, mixed and mastered by Cyberclops and including some impressive features, it’s a great listen whether you like hip hop or not.

Let’s not forget Poe, who has been steady on his hustle, too. Starting off the year with some pretty crazy tour dates traveling with and opening for Del the Funky Homosapien and Bukue One. He claims to have learned a lot, and has been working rigorously in the studio to prove it. As of today I’m told he is putting some final touches on his top-secret LP with MPC master-manipulator, Ben Durazzo. The project is set to release this coming winter. It promises to be Poe’s best work to-date, featuring some big-name artists as well as all the Ear Peace regulars!

These guys STAY busy so don’t sleep on this stuff. We are accepting pre-orders via email for those of you on game. Stay peaceful. Ear Peace be with you.